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Did you have a  dream?

I did...I'll tell you a child I always dreamed of being a singer. I had a vivid imagination and it was easy for me to transport myself to a simpler, more magical time. I took acting and singing lessons from the age of 4 and became involved in modeling, commerical work and little theater productions. As a teen music was my great escape. I knew I had to be around music for my career so I went to work at a radio station and as chance would have it met my husband.  It was 1989. He was in Deep Purple and challenged our radio station to a charity soccer match.

He took me on the road with him in 1993 and when he needed a singer for his Difficult To Cure Solo, asked me to be his voice.

He then reformed Rainbow and needed a lyricist. I co-wrote 4 songs on the Stranger In Us All cd and won my first of many gold records and awards.

In our downtime we wrote music that was a release from the stress of the world. A place of fantasy, of star filled skies, castles on hillsides and honor and chivalry. Breathing new life into melodies from the 12th to 15 hundreds we added new lyrics and instrumentation. This musical escape became our band: Blackmore's Night.

We have performed in this incarnation for 18 years releasing cds almost yearly.

We tour castles with an 8 piece band and play a wide variety of music from Renaissance to Rock to Folk to ballads and instrumentals. We wear garb from another time and encourage our audience to do the same to be a part of the journey.


I have been lucky enough to do duets with some

incredible bands like Avantasia (Moonglow);

Dartgnanan (We're Gonna Be

Drinking); Helloween (Light the Universe);

Tribute to Yes (Don't Kill The Whale with

Brian Auger); Carole King Tribute (Its Too Late with Dweezil Zappa); Beto Vasquez Infinity (Promises Under The Rain with Tarja Turunen and Sabina Edelsbacher); Story of Aina (with Glen Hughes) ; Street of Dreams with Joe Lyn Turner ; Rainbow (Ariel) as well as contributing backing vocals on many songs including with William Shatner and many more. 

I have also released solo cds entitled: Reflections and Starlight ,Starbright with a new one to be released  later this year, and we also do a lot of work with animal charities worldwide.

And, yes, I am living my dream....

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