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We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of our debut album 'Shadow Of The Moon’ (1997). How time flies! Check out some of the album’s highlights in our new anniversary playlist on our official YouTube channel! 

Candice Night joined Tobias Sammet on the title track of his new rock opera Avantasia's Moonglow!  Click the cd below to see the video...


Candice Night's newest solo cd, Starlight, Starbright is out now! We call it "music to dream by."


Lullaby In The Night. The newest video from Starlight, Starbright

Read what people are saying about Starlight, Starbright:

Musikman Productions "a journey through childhood...This artist sings like an angel" 


R2 Mag. “Candice is an accomplished vocalist giving everything she does an album Disney-esque sheen. Beautiful & beguiling”

Rock Society “Light, airy and dreamy with more than a hint of pop but the young kids will love it”.

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